Movies Watched in 2011

one of my goals this year is to watch 50 movies i've never seen before. i'll be updating this list progressively.


black swan darren aronofsky
the social network david fincher
casino martin scorsese
art school confidential terry zwigoff
never let me go mark romanek
strait-jacket william castle
somewhere sofia coppola
zombieland ruben fleischer
lisa and the devil mario bava
adventureland greg mottola
umshini wam harmony korine
enter the void gaspar noé
bus palladium christopher thompson
alice woody allen
eraserhead david lynch
les parapluies de cherbourg jacques demy
easy a will gluck
hanna joe wright
downtown 81 edo bertoglio
the last house on the left wes craven
the wackness jonathan levine
no strings attached ivan reitman
poison ivy katt shea
the crush alan shapiro
broken english zoe cassavetes
hachi: a dog's tale lasse hallström
the rules of attraction roger avary
midnight in paris woody allen
scenes from the suburbs spike jonze

une femme est une femme jean-luc godard
christiane f. wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo uli/ulrich edel
sixteen candles john hughes
pretty in pink howard deutch
blade runner ridley scott
he's just not that into you ken kwapis
running on empty sidney lumet
nightmare on elm street wes craven
halloween john carpenter
the craft andrew fleming
romeo + juliet baz luhrmann
empire records allan moyle
clueless amy heckerling
buffy the vampire slayer fran rubel kuzui


  1. haven't seen: aronofsky's black swan (but want to!) , art school confidential by zwigoff, never let me go by romanek nor strait jacket by castle...
    the rest i have seen (and believe i have seen hughes' pretty in pink at least 10 times!)...zero interest to see fincher's the social network...

  2. ahhh bonne idée (le fait de faire une liste de films regardé!) :D

  3. I'm going to see Never Let Me Go on Monday. I loved the book, how was the film? I must confess Keira Knightley slightly annoys me!x


  4. @ if jane : pretty in pink is just classic... i love basically anything molly ringwald has played in during the brat pack days. the clothes are so 80s and the music was fantastic too (OMD!!!). how come no interest? the subject or you just don't like fincher's movies? i liked it! :)

    @ my chau : tu devrais en faire une aussi! et retoucher à ton blog de temps en temps! hahahah.

    @ milly : oh i haven't read the book before watching the movie but i've always loved mark romanek's music videos and 'one hour photo'. the movie was beautiful too look at and of course, the ending was insanely emotional.

    keira doesn't annoy me as an actress but she played a major b!tch in this movie, which made me HATE her character so much. i guess she played her role well?

  5. Great idea - I might have to try something similar. I tend to see the same films, by the same directors, over and over. I often go to the cinematheque and they only show the good stuff like Bresson and Rohmer.

  6. @ kate vinegar : thanks! i try to watch anything that seems remotely interesting.

    @ madelene : ooh i wish i had a cinematheque that had the same programme... i'd probably hibernate there everyday! :-)

  7. How could your watch all these movies? I use library or rental DVD shop.(Im living in Tokyo)
    I just buy music vidoes/dvds.
    Can you find dvds or videos what you want to watch easily?
    Just curious hahaxx

  8. @ takeo : i guess i have a lot of free time despite being a full time student. there's a cinema just next to my school (literally one street away) so it's always tempting to watch new movies after class. also most movies that i take screen captures of are part of my dvd collection.

    other than that, i normally just browse the video stores and see what could be interesting. i don't have a specific list of what i want to see.

  9. im supposed to go see black swan soon :) im so excited. somewhere also is on my list :)

    i think 50 is totally do-able! i actually watched at least 90 during the month of may 2010 O.O (yes i have a life :) )
    i just love cinema!

    at the moment i'm obsessed with into the wild and lords of dogtown. which made me discover the actor emile hirsch (amazingg! and so handsome) and nikki reed in a different way. shes actually very good. :) (which led me to watch thirteen :) i liked it but thought it was kind of hard core in a sense...?)

    (im officially done rambling! ;) )

  10. @ adrenaline : yes i know! it can be easy for a some people but i guess i don't manage my time really well to squeeze in so many movies! 90 movies in a month, i can't imagine doing that hahah... i would probably fail all my classes!

    :-) thirteen was actually the first and only movie i've watched with nikki reed...! i haven't seen into the wild NOR lords of dogtown.

  11. I'm so glad you are blogging again. When I saw that you deleted all your posts I was a little sad.

  12. Really enjoying reading the blog and seeing which links lead where!